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Me and @fhabayeb at the @stylecoalition / @detailsmag event #detailsnyfw (at Style Coalition)



OH NO NOT YOU TOO! socialstreet got me so tired of this song…its poppin’ tho…

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m about to download this song on iTunes and put it on repeat on my way to karaoke today.

I can’t help you with socialstreet's obsession with the song though…I can tell him off for you next time I come over. XD

It’s mine and G’s song breakingconcrete unduplicated
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Luxury Daily interviews our chief curator, director of digital marketing about online strategy

It’s me ;)
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"A lot more heart. We’re given some crazy scenarios but we do our best to make them real." Where’s Buffy when you need a werewolf put down? Go watch "The Body" an episode that has more heart than Teen Wolf’s entire series thus far. That’s just one out of a ton of episodes filled with a beautiful blend of supernatural, reality and heart. your faves could never.

Right? More heart? Buffy is the supernatural archetype for all teen oriented supernatural shows and many other sci fi shows in general. Charmed, teen wolf, SPN, the Vampire Diaries etc would not exist without it. Regardless of their conception Buffy has had a huge cultural impact and has a dedicated fan base and even college courses on it. It’s a feminist show that beats down stereotypes of what women,girls and teen should be and do! How dare he say that it has more heart. Are you serious? Teen Wolf has been lacking since the end of s2. I stopped watching altogether. Tyler and anyone who agrees with him need to do their homework because Tw will never reach the status Buffy has. Also, yeah Buffy pretty much did everything first. Gay main characters, werewolf boyfriend, the “popular” girl, blah blah blah!

Nothing beats Buffy!!
#LuxuryDaily interviews me for my thoughts on visual and “scented” #digitalstratey for Maison Martin Margiela - @curatedirective
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We rarely wear suits but when we do, we look like this ;)

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Putting in your headphones and tuning out the whole office

Sometimes you need a little motivation