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This is jut my personal tumblr: a collection of images that exemplify my interest outside of work. I feature images and random thoughts of inspiration around mixed martial arts, power rangers, fashion and R&B music. You might see an occasional reblog from 99 Problems and a Pitch Aint One :)

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When you dress nicely for a new business pitch and the clients arrive dressed in jeans and a hoodie 

Yup true
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I want to eat this
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Have you ever seen a certain item of clothing and your heart says “YES!” but the price tags says “NOPE!”. Well consider your dreams coming true. You can get the same look for less. Our Lexington Dress can be purchased here, but hurry before it runs out!
This is usually the face I make when a client says “thank you” lol ;)
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New outfits every week so you always know what to wear!! You don’t ever have to worry about what to wear the next day. Don’t forget you can always customize the dresses to make them more you! You can add necklaces and bracelets, even a scarf since it’s Fall! Follow us on tumblr to see us directly on your dashboard!
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breakingconcrete that darn bello leaving the door open
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I wanna be here
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Hot chocolate with orange and cinnamon!! #foodporn #best #thingever#hotcoco #marshmellows

This drink needs to be in my life
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This tweet has a point