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As the debate on same-sex marriage continues in Western nations, including the United States, Thailand could become the first country in Asia to legalize gay marriage. Thailand is known for its liberal acceptance of sexuality, but the draft same-sex marriage law is not without controversy. This is a traditional Thai wedding, except there is no groom. There are two brides. This ceremony is only symbolic because Thailand, like all of Asia, does not recognize same sex marriage. But a draft law later this year could change that and make Thailand the first Asian nation to legalize gay marriage. Nonetheless, Arisa Thanommek and her partner Pacharee Hungsabut say they were not interested in waiting. “We…we [will] not wait. Because we [are] ready.  Our family is ready,” she said

I noticed that women of color are one of the biggest spearheads of recognizing LGBTQ relationships. Happy Pride Month to Thailand!

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Def is interesting unduplicated
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When a client doesn’t have the courtesy to address you in a meeting [Reader Submission]

This happened a lot to me when I first started out
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The time Michelle (and her doll) looked the wrong way…

So mean but I can’t help but follow these blog post
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Yup - our tools for the battle
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When your agency INSISTS that you stipulate that all your views are your own in your twitter bio [Reader Submission]

This happened to me before
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Me and @fhabayeb at the @stylecoalition / @detailsmag event #detailsnyfw (at Style Coalition)